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Speed up and enhance your in-site search experience!
Search and discover
Get search suggestions shared by your community and Avoid typos and spelling mistakes
Search suggestions are customized for you and the site you’re searching, based on tour interests and the website’s community


AutoComplete Pro creates a rich autocomplete search suggestions experience for in-site search.

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About AutoComplete Pro
AutoComplete Pro creates and maintains data sets of search suggestions for every site on the web, based on its content, the patterns shared by the community searching this site and the actual search engine’s abilities and limitations, with the goal of making search better, faster and more accurate.

Local Suggestions with a Global View
While AutoComplete Pro’s suggestions are specifically tailored for the site you are on, and the geography you are searching from, it still gains its smarts from a global wide view of search across multiple sites and verticals, making sure you are exposed to the web’s recent trends and interests regardless of the size of the site you are exploring.

Easy to Use
AutoComplete Pro is easy and intuitive. It’s the same useful experience you’re used to getting on leading search engines and portals, brought to life on your personally preferred website.
Search the web and discover
AutoComplete Pro allows you toi easily expand the scope of your search, and access a web search for a term, keyword or topic you find interesting, but cannot find enough information for on the site you are on. Getting more information and a wider view is not as easy as a click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Search Autocomplete?
A: Autocomplete is a service that suggests relevant phrases and terms while typing in a search box. The suggestions are based on the partial text you type, and displayed under the search box - dynamically changeing as you keep typing.

Q: What are the system requirements for installing AutocompletePro?
A: Installing AutocompletePro requires roughly 400 KB of free disk space on your drive. If you are currently able to run a supported Web browser on your computer, you should have no problem running AutocompletePro. In addition to free space on your hard drive, you will need a supported Web browser and operating system , a computer with 256MB of RAM, a mouse or similar pointing device and Internet access.

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